MLB Postseason 2014: share your photos and experiences


With the playoff set to begin this week this is an ideal opportunity to show us what your team means to you, and what your favourite moments of the season have been so far. How long have you supported your team? If your team has made it to the play offs this year, what do you think their chances are?

Perhaps watching baseball is an important family activity, or maybe you have certain friends that you religiously watch the games with. Do you have a particular item of memorabilia that you hold dear that brings you luck on match days? We would love to see photos and stories about how you plan on supporting your team in the postseason matches, as well as your most treasured baseball memories from games and seasons gone by.

Share your photos and experiences of the 2014 season and we will publish the best contributions on the Guardian site.

You can submit your photos and stories by clicking on the blue ‘contribute’ buttons or by uploading a photo via the .

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